Norma Cordova

Norma is responsible for planning, design, implementation, and operations of Charter’s national backbone network.  The backbone team is accountable for setting the Implementation & Operations policies and standards to provide highly reliable and resilient backbone network connectivity.  Backbone team supports the Advanced Engineering and Operations Engineering teams in the development of new technology solutions and partners with counterparts to meet strategy and goals of the corporation.

Norma has been with Charter Communications for 27 years. She joined Time Warner Satellite Services, a division of Time Warner Cable, in 1994 as a customer service representative and was later promoted to Area Manager over Austin, Texas area. Norma transferred to the cable division as a customer service representative and was quickly promoted to a Business Operations Specialist. She’s held roles in Information Systems learning both billing systems and working as a computer operator, Technical Operations as a TechOps Specialist, and Technical Analyst, Director, and VP in Engineering. She’s held two VP roles within Network Operations. Today, Norma is responsible for all aspects of operating Charter’s national backbone.

Norma holds a Bachelors in Finance and is currently in the process of obtaining her Masters in Engineering Management. She has served on Diversity and Inclusion Committees, Mentor/Mentee Sponsorship Programs, was a co-creator of the BlueSheet Budget tool of which is used today by Charter’s Network Operations teams, and has been part of several initiatives setting standards and guidelines for various finance and business planning teams within Charter.

She has been recognized for her dedication and excellence with seven professional contribution awards including 2011 Woman to Watch and 2019 Most Powerful Women in Cable. She has been selected for five prestigious programs including 2012 Rising Leaders, 2019 VP Program, and most recently 2021 BMLI Program.