Pamela Bohline

For 11 years I have worked focusing on the pursuit of customer satisfaction in the digital area through the UCD methodology. In these years I have worked as a User Experience Designer (UX) Information Architect (AI), Designer of digital interfaces (UI), User researcher, and Project Manager of UX Projects. In this position, I was able to work closely with the Clients from a Customer Experience (CX) point of view to create a final product that satisfied specific user and business needs. My experience varies from different fields such as Retail, Banking, Insurance, Hospitals, and most recently Cable and Telecommunications industry. In my current role as the Manager of the Experience Research Team at Charter Communications, I’ve mentored Jr researchers, built a team from zero to 6, developed a research first approach to different projects, democratized Research, and changed business mindsets to position Research as a top practice and the base for human-centered design.