Patricia M. Thorell

Patty Thorell is Vice President of Payment Processing at Comcast Cable Communications.  She has 25 years of experience in the payments area.  In this role, Patty has worked on the cable acquisitions, responsible for the transition and integration of payment technologies and products.  Patty leads the development, support, and operations supporting over 23,000,000 payments per month.  Additionally, she is the Executive Business Sponsor of the Cable Division PCI-DSS compliance, and is responsible for the company’s Abandoned Property and Escheat filings.  Patty has led Eco-Bill initiatives that represent more than 25% of subscriber statements suppressed each month. She has spoken and participated in national payment forums including NACHA and Association of Financial Professionals (AFP). 

Patty has been an active WICT participant for many years, and has been a WICT mentor for 8 years.  Most recently, she became a mentor for a young woman through Comcast’s sponsorship of the Cristo Rey Network that will continue throughout the student’s high school career.

Patty is a Philadelphia native and graduated with a degree in Accounting from LaSalle University.  She and her husband enjoy golf and travel, especially as they visit son attending graduate school in Scotland.