Paula Hamilton

Paula Hamilton, M.Ed., CCC-SLP is an instructor and voice coach for Speakeasy – a communication consulting and executive development firm with offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, New York and Amsterdam, and ongoing operations in Chicago, Boston, Hong Kong India and Dubai. She works with business and professional leaders all over the world to help them connect more effectively with the people around them – bringing more of their unique, personal style to all of their communication.

Paula serves as Speakeasy’s SVP of Faculty and Dean of Curriculum. She earned a Masters in Communication Disorders from North Carolina Central University and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro and spent five years as a speech pathologist in the public school system working with the secondary student population. She is a clinically certified member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and of the Georgia Speech and Hearing Association. She has licensure as a speech pathologist in two states – California and Georgia. She delivers all of Speakeasy’s programs and heads Speakeasy’s Classroom Technology Committee.

Paula takes a very active approach to life. When something interests her, she finds a way to try it. This means it’s hard to predict what she might be doing on her free time. She might be horseback riding or learning how to referee football or working as a volunteer for the Georgia Radio Service – recording magazines and book excerpts for the visually impaired.

She’s quick to tell you that long walks and trying new recipes delight her as much as those yoga and spin classes, too. If you tell her about an interesting trip or hobby, watch out! She may soon be following in your footsteps. When Paula guides you, you know you have her full attention. She is on your side one hundred percent and her patience is unlimited. Her background has given her special expertise in speech and voice – she is a clinically certified speech pathologist – and has a special appreciation for the demands of the business world. She has had extensive experience in banking, telecommunications and IT.