Samira Jafari

Samira Jafari serves as Executive Editor of The Row, CNN’s editorial oversight team that is responsible for script and story approval across all platforms worldwide. Her team ensures that stories meet high standards of storytelling, clarity, accuracy, quality, fairness and balance, while avoiding libel, defamation and use infringement issues. She has overseen the editorial integrity of several award-winning investigative projects, including “Beneath the Skin,” CNN’s year-long investigation into the controversial police shooting of a black teen in Chicago. She has also discussed how to “Maintain Trust in a Polarized World” — a look at what journalist can do cut through the partisan noise and cultivate trust with their digitally savvy audiences — at several conferences, including the Business of Truth Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the annual Georgia Bar Media Conference in Atlanta.

Jafari has been at CNN for more than a decade, previously serving as a supervising news editor. She is also former Correspondent for the Associated Press. A University of Georgia graduate, she is a proud member of the Georgia First Amendment Foundation Board of Directors and Vice Chair of the Board of the The Red & Black, an independent student newspaper serving the University of Georgia community