Sarah Lycett

Sarah Lycett has over 10 years of experience as an Operations Manager specializing in Finance and Leadership and over 18 years of experience in customer service. She is currently a Business Operations Manager in Finance at Comcast.

Sarah’s career began as a camerawoman at KDUH Television in Scottsbluff, NE while she was attending college. After graduating with her degree in Political Science, she moved to Las Vegas to continue her education. There, she began to hone her leadership skills as a Supervisor of a telecommunications call center.

Ultimately, Sarah missed her beautiful home state of Colorado and decided to move back in 2005. She enrolled at the University of Colorado at Denver and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. While she was completing her degree, she worked in a variety of positions: Account Manager, Operations Manager, and Financial Analyst. In 2013, Sarah made the move to Comcast. She started as a Capital Analyst and two years later was promoted to a Senior Marketing Analyst. Her strong work ethic and leadership ability resulted in another promotion to her current position as Business Operations Manager in Finance, supporting Comcast’s Sales and Loyalty Centers.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her large family and amazing friends. She prides herself on being an awesome aunt and great-aunt to her 19 nieces and nephews. Sarah is an owner and coach at CrossFit Kali in Denver, CO. She enjoys working out and participating in outdoor activities. Overall, Sarah is happiest when she is surrounded by people.