Shaheena Arshad-Trijillo

I have a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering as well as a diploma in Network Engineering. After graduating, I used the background of my degrees to work as a Management Engineer for the NY/NJ Port Authority.  After that position, I moved to MCIWorldcom where  I was heavily involved in process development along with my engineering duties on the network side.  Based on my performance, MCIWorldcom  sent me to London to start our group’s European counterpart.  Due to that opportunity, I was able to combine my educational and Port Authority background with Networking.  Since joining Comcast, I have actively tried my best to highlight inefficient processes here and offer solutions to streamline them. I have done so during my time as a Network Engineer, a Manager/Senior Manager in Network Engineering, and now as Director of Operations Engineering.  My group has over the last two years developed an Operational Readiness/Model to ensure that all new products/services that we deliver to our customers meet their expectations.  This has become the standard across the Enterprise.

My main work for the community has been giving back to South Asian women in NJ. Since 2001, I have been an advocate for women experiencing domestic violence. My duties include working with several women in depth throughout their issues, helping them set up new lives (job hunt, apartments, utilities), and accompanying them to court for support.  This experience taught me when working with people to understand their backgrounds and viewpoints and respect that they wouldn’t necessarily align with my own.   Working with these remarkable women taught me the value of just listening and leading by empathy and presence.