Shelly Jones

Shelly Jones is the Time Warner Cable Midwest Region IT Director for Commercial Services.  Shelly is responsible for the Billing System and Commercial Products as well as Application / Development and Project Support.  Shelly has to gain efficiencies in every process, provide standardization, deliver innovative tools, and integrate data in order to make meaning, ensure data integrity, develop dashboards, and deliver key metrics and reports.  Shelly reports to the Vice President of IT for the Time Warner Cable West Region. 

Prior to Time Warner Cable, Shelly worked in the Healthcare Industry in an IT Role for a local HMO.  She was responsible for Appointment systems, X-Ray systems, Pharmacy Systems and Laboratory systems.  She also served as the HMO Diversity Council Chairperson. 

In her 12 years at Time Warner Cable, Shelly began her career as an IT Supervisor and eventually moved her way into other IT Managerial roles and essentially becoming an IT Director.   Recently, Shelly has earned the WICT “Women In Technology” award for the Chicago Chapter.  In addition, Shelly earned a “Total Quality Service” Award in 2003; A “Power of You” award for critical applications in 2005; served as Co-Chair for the Time Warner Cable Billing System User Group; and participates in the TWC Mentoring Program. 

Shelly actively participates in the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee, is a regular Blood Donor, a volunteer at church, and is a recent board member of SET Ministries, which helps socially and economically disadvantaged people, set and achieve goals that promote self-sufficiency and improve their lives, integrating the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of each individual.

Shelly is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology degree from the University of Phoenix.  Shelly enjoys spending time with her husband and 18 year old daughter, reading, running, cooking and volunteering.