Syetta Jones

​Syetta (Sy) Jones is responsible for leading, executing, and setting a clear strategic vision to bring actionable and innovative analytics to FilmStruck, Turner’s first OTT service. The team that she leads presents analytics results and recommendations (story-telling) in an easy to understand thematic manner.


She and her team capture consumer data beginning at first touchpoint to most recent behavior and status. She collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to understand business goals and develops data driven insights that can be understood and implemented to reach those goals and help drive marketing strategies.


Sy oversaw implementation of FilmStruck’s data warehouse to capture subscription and behavior analytics, enabling real-time product analytics that inform the overall health of the business.


She has worked in various networks at Turner for over 11 years, including Cartoon Network & Turner Classic Movies. Sy has also co-found Turner’s first Data Visualization Group, where data lovers can share and exchange knowledge!


Sy was born in Long Island City New York, completed her MBA in California and currently resides in Atlanta.


Sy has a love for history and documentaries. She enjoys hiking and farmers markets.