Tonya Hayes

Tonya Hayes is the Director of Benefits at A+E Television Networks. Her career path has come full circle. She entered college with aspirations of becoming a filmmaker but decided to leave school to pursue this dream though “real life” experiences. It was real life that showed her the value of a college education. She went back to school, graduated and entered the workforce. The first ten years of her career were spent as an insurance underwriter. She was able to transition her underwriting experience to in-house benefits roles at Avon, Take- Two Interactive and Vice Media. She was able to stay close to the entertainment industry, although not the creative career that she imagined, her roles in entertainment companies allowed for creativity in a different form.

As the Director of Benefits, Tonya is responsible for the development and execution of the Benefit strategy at A+E Networks. A large of part of her role includes introducing above market offerings that promote diversity, inclusion and wellbeing among employees.

Tonya’s strong work ethic and determination for success were inherited from her mother, who immigrated to the United State from Jamaica at the age of twelve. Her mother inspired her to get her education, work hard and see the world. These are the values that she lives by and the example that she strives to set for her thirteen year old daughter.
Tonya reside in Brooklyn NY with her daughter Avery Lee. She enjoys cooking, travel and entertaining in her free time.