Traci L. Barnes

Traci L. Barnes currently serves as Human Resource Director supporting Central Division Engineering teams for Comcast Cable.  Traci has over 15 years of human resource experience and has expertise in all facets of Human Resource Management.

Traci leads with a reputation of trust, professionalism, and authenticity. As a Human Resource Director, Traci is responsible for collaboration, influencing, and strategizing with Senior Leadership by sharing resources, data, and analytics to help their organizations achieve success.  In addition to supporting the SLT, she is also a good steward to frontline employees and individual contributors by ensuring their development and growth by being an employee advocate. Traci specializes in Employee Engagement which is her passion.  Engagement is core to the engineering teams she supports success. Traci as is a member of the Chicago WICT, SHRM and NAMIC Chicago where she served as Treasurer from 2018-2020.

Prior to her career with Comcast, Traci was an elementary school teacher with the Chicago Public School system and received her Bachelor of Arts from Chicago State University. She enjoys working with the youth organization at her church, bowling, traveling with her husband, and spending time with her adult children.