Tracy Sturdivant

A natural leader always striving to learn more, since her Honorable Discharge from the USAF, Tracy Sturdivant has taken the skills she learned during her enlistment and made it her mission to equip herself with any and all resources available to teach, coach and develop others.

Tracy moved from the Atlanta, GA area to join Time Warner Cable.  She accepted a role as the manager of the Digital Operations Team where she was responsible for the fulfillment and management of digital advertising orders supporting advertisers across the full footprint.    Tracy was an integral part of assimilating separate operations teams across three companies as part of the Spectrum merger.  Prior to joining the organization that would become Charter/Spectrum Reach; Tracy held other leadership roles with AT&T, YP and WorldCom.

Tracy was recently nominated for the WICT Women Empowerment Award, which surprises no one who knows Tracy.  She continually sets change in motion to empower others or better a team. She strives for improvement in herself, staying open for feedback and room for improvement without defensiveness or egoism Tracy has a keen eye for people’s unique skills and conducts herself with great integrity. Tracy is a no-nonsense, get-it-done person.

In her current role as a Product Development Manager, Tracy leads teams through the development of new processes, product launches, and process improvements. She is always looking to learn, grow, and improve not only her personal acumen but that of her team. She seeks out ways to supply the team with learning opportunities and strives to supports their continued growth.

One of Tracy’s greatest contributions outside of the workplace is her volunteer work with Lifespan. Lifespan is a non-profit organization that serves adults with development disabilities in Charlotte NC, where Tracy currently resides with her three Daughters and a 10 yr. old Maltese.