Trish Crane

Trish Crane has been in telecommunications industry for over ten years, starting out on the frontline as a sales representative at Verizon Wireless, and progressing into leadership from there.

She has held various sales and customer experience positions and is currently a Senior Market Manager of Retail stores at Comcast, overseeing seven Xfinity stores in the Nashville area. In her role, Trish works to support and guide store managers on employee and customer experience, while delivering on key performance metrics around high-speed internet, video, and mobile phone products. She develops sales strategy, maintaining compliance and integrity, while developing people and achieving top rated success with her team through collaboration and simplified execution.

Trish is an effective sales leader due to her motivational influence and relationship building with teammates. She is considered a coach and mentor to many, and always makes time to listen, provide insight, and give advice when asked.

Trish is a leader in the Out Employee Resource Group in the Big South Region at Comcast, as well as the lead for the DE&I Retail Council.

Trish lives in Nashville, TN and enjoys road trips, cooking, and spending time outdoors.