Vanda Lill

​Vanda Lill is the Director of On-air Promotion and Program Strategy with the Viacom channel Country Music Television. After spending over a decade working in media planning, Vanda knows how to not only get the message to the viewers, but what it takes to remember that message. In a world inundated with information, Vanda’s specialty is breaking through the clutter to introduce programming that people will love.

Vanda’s goal has been to convert occasional viewers of CMT to avid fans. She has increased the length and amount of promotion for network originals resulting in the highest reach of the occasional audience in network history. Converting occasional viewers to loyal viewers has garnered higher ratings for the network, launching a cycle of growth in all aspects.

One element of her position that really motivates Vanda is the opportunity to share her knowledge and experiences with those who work for her. Vanda is a servant-leader who is passionate about taking care of her employees, while also grooming them to achieve their career goals.

Vanda holds a BS in communications from Austin Peay State University.