Veronica Warren

Veronica has been with Comcast for more than 10 years, with experience spanning across multiple segments of Repair and Operations. currently, manages a team of nine designing and developing business processes to assist frontline agents.


Veronica started at Comcast as a Customer Account Executive assisting customers in resolving technical issues for Voice and Internet products. She had a passion for helping her colleagues improve their customer interactions which afforded Veronica an opportunity to intern as a Quality Advisor, which evolved into a permanent position. In 2008, Veronica joined the National Repair team focusing on elevated customer issues as a Technician and shortly after moved to the Advanced Tech Support team serving as a liaison between technicians working single customer issues and engineering teams investigating the issue. In 2012, Veronica’s experiences allowed her to be selected as a part of the National LOQ team, focused on delivering troubleshooting to Frontline agents and identifying areas of improvement. With new technology investments, the method of delivery for Frontline troubleshooting was enhanced from Line Of Questioning to Interactive Troubleshooting Guides. Veronica served as a main contributor to the development and process design for the initial set of ITGs and a critical element to converting the Voice and Internet Troubleshooting. Today, Veronica serves as the Manager of the team, continuing to focus on how to enhance the ITGs and development process.


Veronica Warren strives on being a resource to her team and colleagues, leading with passion and determination. She continues to embrace the "Each one Teach one" philosophy sharing the wealth of information she’s compiled throughout the years and looks forward to cultivating those within her influence by leading as a coach.