Ziba Kaboli

An industry executive for over eight years, Ziba Kaboli’s current role is Vice President of Affiliate Relations and National Accounts at Court TV. Ziba is responsible for negotiating national affiliation agreements, and leading the network’s distribution, affiliate marketing, promotions, and public affairs initiatives throughout the Western Region, representing 14 states. Since she joined the network in 1998, Ziba has played an integral role in the Affiliate Relations team, helping the network grow from 30 to over 84 million subscribers. Prior to joining Court TV, Ziba was the Affiliate Marketing Manager at International Channel Networks, where she designed and implemented highly successful affiliate and consumer marketing campaigns. Ziba has been active in numerous industry organizations, including WICT, Cable Positive, and CTAM. She has served on the WICT San Francisco and Southern California chapters for over six years, and is a two-term Chapter President. Ziba has also served on the Cable Positive Strategic Planning committee, and launched the Southern California chapter. Ziba received a BA in International Business from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She is a graduate of the CTAM U Class of 2002 at Harvard University.