Function at Full Capacity: Creating Energy, Connection and Courage Webinar Recap

Function at Full Capacity: Creating Energy, Connection and Courage Webinar Recap 

The WICT Network hosted yet another powerful webinar: Function at Full Capacity: Creating Energy, Thursday, August 10, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm (Eastern). In this training, Natalie Johnson, Co-Founder and CVO of ViDL Work, focused on the three most significant elements of organizational well-being that allow organizations to function at full capacity: energy, connection and courage.  

We’re excited to report that more than 450 registrants joined us from across the globe! Special thanks to Jason Brown, AVP, Program Operations, and Megan Marksberry, AVP, Program Administration, for moderating a great discussion.  

Review the recap of Natalie’s takeaways below to learn more about how you can function at full capacity: 

“This session is a time to focus on you,” Natalie began. “At ViDL Work, we have defined what it is like to function at full capacity as a person and organization. Individual energy (physical and mental health), team connection (trust, empathy and psychological safety) and courageous leadership (inclusivity, vulnerability and situational flexibility) — are all buckets we tap into to help us function at full capacity.” 

“If I gave you 40% more energy, what would you do with it?” Natalie posed to the zoom participants. 

Quickly, participants shared in the chat that if they had more energy they would exercise, make more time for friends or family, or tap into their creative side.  

“A common misconception about finding time for the things you want to do, is that we need to manage our time better,” Natalie said. “But time is limited and is something we can’t control. Instead, we need to focus on energy, which is something we own and can increase. You can increase your energy by 40% by these factors alone: 

  1. Physical energy: the quantity of energy we have at a given time.  
  1. Emotional energy: the quality of our energy.  
  1. Mental energy: the focus of our energy.  
  1. Spiritual energy: the force of our energy. What is your purpose behind why you want to show up with good energy?” 

Throughout the webinar, Natalie engaged with the participants by collecting data from polls, and asking questions in the chat such as: “How’s your energy been the last six months?”, “What are three words that describe you as your best self?” and, “If you were to improve in one energy dimension, which would have the most impact on you being able to show up as your best self for the people and things that matter?” 

In response to the last question, Natalie shared a personal example: “I have found that when I exercise, I am a better listener to my two teenage sons. I am more aware of myself and am a more intentional listener and communicator.” 

Natalie encouraged participants to reflect on the energy dimension that is most needed to nurture ourselves—whether it’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual energy—and to create boundaries for the “energy vampires” in our lives. 

In addition to focusing on our individual energies, Natalie explained that these concepts can play into the way we conduct ourselves as leaders in the workplace.  

For example, promoting psychological safety is a major element to leadership best practices. 

“The definition of psychological safety is when people feel able to speak up when needed without being shut down.” 

Natalie shared a resource which featured the eight influencers of psychological safety: presence, collaboration, feedback, inquiry, dissent, mistakes, delivering truth with care and receiving truth. Readers can access this link here 

Finally, Natalie asked participants to answer this question as their takeaway from the session: “How can you lean into your own vulnerability to open doors for others and create the conditions for everyone to function at full capacity?” 


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Article published: August 11, 2023