Words of Wisdom From Our 2023 Women of the Year and Women to Watch

Our 2023 Women of the Year and Women to Watch are paving the way for tomorrow’s generation of leaders. Below, each of them weigh in with insights and lessons learned from their respective leadership journeys.


Dalila Wilson-Scott, EVP & Chief Diversity Officer of Comcast Corporation, and President of the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation, 2023 Woman of the Year – Operator

“To grow and develop as a leader, it’s important to remember that what got you in the room is not what keeps you there. You come into any space with inherent value. However, getting to the next step requires levelling up. Be willing to take risks, make mistakes – and learn and grow from them. Surround yourself with people who will actively challenge you and broaden your perspective. Lean into the shared responsibility we have as leaders to break barriers, build inclusive workplaces, and create opportunities for all of us to succeed. And always give grace – to others and to yourself – throughout your career journey.” 

Pam Kaufman, President & CEO of International Markets, Global Consumer Products & Experiences, Paramount , 2023 Woman of the Year – Programmer

“Working in an industry that is continuously evolving, remaining agile and looking for innovative, new ways of working is key to not only driving your business into the future, but also to building a stronger and more efficient team. When I began leading Paramount’s International Markets just over a year ago, I recognized an opportunity to align our organization around a global strategy, rooted in strong local expertise and execution. Since then, we have made incredible progress in breaking down silos, cultivating a culture of collaboration and truly working together as One Paramount. Our success in executing against our strategy would not be possible without the support of our employees at all levels, across the entire organization. I have found that providing clear and constant communication throughout this change has been absolutely critical in energizing our teams around our shared vision.” 

Stephanie Babin, SVP, Billing Strategy & Design, Customer Operations, Charter Communications, 2023 Woman to Watch – Operator

“As a leader, you are being watched constantly, not only for the words you use or the style you present in meetings, but for who you are at your core and the actions you take when you might think no one is looking.  

Those small actions give others a glimpse into your values and sets the foundation for the culture of your team. If you want to establish a culture of openness, collaboration, and creativity, it is not enough to say the words. You need to model the behaviors – often through small actions. For example, when you meet with your team, ask yourself: are you the one doing all the talking, or are you creating a forum for your team to talk to each other? Do you offer to take the notes, or are you asking someone on your team to transcribe? Every one of our actions will have a result. Are your actions intentional and aligned to the results you want to achieve? Take the time to time to think about the differences in behavior your actions will drive and ensure you are truly setting yourself up to listen to what your team has to say. The more senior you become, the more courage it takes for someone to say no or challenge you, so the harder you must work to create that environment.” 

Kelley Drukker, SVP, Legal & Business Affairs, A+E Networks, 2023 Woman to Watch – Programmer

Leadership is not about being in charge; it’s about taking care of those in your charge.  Therefore, my favorite phrase in life is ‘paying it forward.’ Once you’ve built confidence in your leadership style, it’s time to empower others. Shine a light on your team members by offering them opportunities to lead projects, present ideas, or represent the team.  Act as a coach and mentor to your team members. Encourage them to believe in themselves, trust their instincts, and embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.  Inspiring others is rewarding and in turn you create a legacy of leadership that extends far beyond your own role. 

Nicole Nixon, Founder & CEO, Listing Central, LLC, 2023 Woman to Watch – Technology

As you develop as a leader, there will be times to lead, and times to follow. There will be times to speak and times to be silent. When the time comes to speak, make your voice count. If you focus on the ‘purpose’ of your message your audience will start to depend on you more which is when your leadership style will shine the most! If I could give a new leader advice I would tell them, ‘Even when you’re at your best, always strive to be better than your best. A great leader never stops learning, growing, or giving so keep striving for your best!’”

Published: December 5, 2023.