Mentoring Circles

Mentoring Circles

Are you waiting for “your turn” to get that job?

Are you wishing you were noticed amongst your peers, leaders, or even the company?
If the answer is YES, The WICT Network: Carolinas Mentoring Circles Program is for you.


The WICT Network: Carolinas is proud to present our 2022 Mentoring Program, Your Leadership Journey.


This year’s program will be conducted over a 6-month period beginning in May 2022. Each month, with the exception of Months 1 and 6, will include a recorded webinar, providing context and guidance on the topics, to be followed by individual Circle sessions where the discussion will be guided by the Mentors using material in the Mentor and Mentee Workbooks. The Circles will determine the timing and duration of the Circles.


This program weaves together the various components through mentoring sessions, accountability conversations, and self-reflection exercises.  It touches on a number of different topics ranging from identifying your values, strengths and leadership purpose to living & working with agency to emotional intelligence to leadership courage and ways in which to inspire others.


Learn more about the WICT Network Carolinas Mentoring Circles and see a testimonial backed by Susan Brami:


Please join us in celebrating our 2022 Mentoring Circle Mentors & Mentees: