Mentoring Circles

Mentoring Circles

Are you waiting for “your turn” to get that job?

Are you wishing you were noticed amongst your peers, leaders, or even the company? If the answer is YES, The WICT Network: Carolinas Mentoring Circles Program is for you.

If you need growth in your career, want to build your network, or need guidance on how to create change for yourself or on your team, the WICT Carolinas Mentoring Circles can help!  In this 6-month curriculum, you will build new relationships, understand your strengths and weaknesses better, and stand out to others in all departments.  Following each facilitated session, you will have Mentor-lead discussion circles with others looking to the same goal.  

This program weaves together the various components through mentoring sessions, accountability conversations, and self-reflection exercises.  It touches on a number of different topics ranging from identifying your values, strengths and leadership purpose to living & working with agency to emotional intelligence to leadership courage and ways in which to inspire others.

Touchstones of Leadership

KNOW YOURSELF and what you stand for and where you are headed.

COMMUNICATE with passion and poise, in writing and in-person.

LISTEN with more than just your ears.

CONNECT to your peers, your industry, and everything around you.

BE A CATALYST and set the wheels of change in motion.

BE FEARLESS and confident in your convictions as you take risks and bring others along.

INSPIRE and others will follow.